John Badham on Television

John got his start on Television, working his way up through the ranks during the years of the great TV production factory at Universal Studios. Today he continues that great tradition of exciting and engaging TV production by directing episodes of current shows when he isn't teaching film at Chapman University.

Directly below are the most current episodes John has directed, and keep scrolling to find even more great shows from the past. 


siren, Season 1, Episode 5 "curse of the starving class"

Airing April 19, 2018 on freeform

John has just finished directing the fifth episode of the debut season of the new Freeform show SIREN.

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supernatural, Season 13, Episode 4 "the big empty"

premiered 11/2/17 on The cw, Avaialbe to stream on the CW APP

Since directing his first episode of the series in Season 9, John is now back for his fourth season with the team from this incredibly long running hit show. His ninth episode of the Series finds Sam and Dean coping with a new charge, and finding out why a psychologist's patients keep ending up murdered - by their deceased loved ones! And where is Cass? He's in "The Big Empty".

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Stitchers, season 3, episode 7 "Just the two of us"

premiered 7/24/17 on Freeform, available to purchase and stream

Returning to direct a mind-bending third season outing of cult hit "Stitchers", Badham has a great time with the wonderfully inventive sci-fi series.

Check out the iTunes download link below and see if you can figure out the secret before Kirsten and Cameron can!

supernatural - s12/E11 "regarding dean"

aired 2/9/17on the cw


What happens when Dean is cursed, and begins to forget... everything? An episode with wonderful highs and lows and full of strong performances. Check it out on streaming:

supernatural - s12/E6 "Celebrating the life of asa fox"

aired 11/17/16 on the cw


Sam and Dean run into their estranged mother at the funeral for a fellow hunter she helped mentor. And then the murders begin... 

rush hour - s1/e9 "Prisoner of love"

aired 7/23/16 on CBS


This short lived TV version of the hit film series "Rush Hour" featured some amazing stunts and great comedy. Check out what you missed on Amazon Streaming: