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I'll Be In My Trailer

Subtitled "The Creative Wars between Directors & Actors", this book gives tremendous insight from Badham and an impressive assortment of real working actors and directors. Unlike other textbooks on how to work with directors, I'll Be In My Trailer gives advice and tips with a light touch and great anecdotes about real world situations and how to deal with them.

A valuable resource for filmmakers, but an enjoyable read for anyone who is interested in what goes on behind the scenes when making movies and television shows. 

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John Badham on Directing

Badham's second book continues with more stories from filmmakers and actors in the vein of "I'll Be In My Trailer", and in fact began life as a revised edition of that book. When the amount of new material and insight became apparent, it was decided that a new book was in order.

John Badham on Directing also includes sections detailing methods for working with action and suspense, hallmarks of Badham's Filmography, as well as a 12 step "Director's Checklist" for comprehensively analyzing any scene and how best to approach it with your actors.

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