• Director’s Reel

    Badham's reel gives a look at some of the funny, exciting, memorable, action-packed, and emotional moments he's created to date.

    Top directors are recommending John's new book, Badham on Directing:

    "Insights from one of the greats. Imagine sitting with Badham and asking every question you had on the craft. It's a treasure trove of invaluable tools and tips." J.J. Abrams

    "I always felt the essence of cinema was the coming together of acting and writing. There are many books on the topics related to directing, but I feel that John Badham's first section on acting is worth its weight in gold. There are many skills involved in making a motion picture, but few so important as working with (and understanding) the actors. That's probably why of all the migrations possible to become a director, few are as successful or plentiful as that of actor to director. This book clearly lays out truthful principles in helping an actor achieve his goals in a way I've never seen before. The other two sections are full of helpful tips as well, but Part 1 is essential for anyone who is serious about directing" Francis Coppola

  • Clip/ WarGames

    What you see is what you get—NORAD’s Screens

    The screens that show the information and graphics in NORAD were all shot live on set using newly developed super bright screens, rather than matted into the image in post-production.

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  • Clip/ Saturday Night Fever

    The Soundtrack

    One of the top selling soundtrack albums of all time, Saturday Night Fever spent 24 straight weeks at #1 and went 15x Platinum.

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  • Clip/ Psych

    "The Devil's In The Details... And The Upstairs Bedroom"

    This scene from the season four episode of Psych is an homage to "The Exorcist"

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  • Clip/ The Jack Bull

    John Cusack headlines this searing HBO drama.

  • Clip/ The Performer

    The opening sequence of Badham's episode of "Criminal Minds" featuring rock star Gavin Rossdale as a goth performer with a secret.

  • Trailers From Hell
    Clip/ Trailers From Hell

    Badham's latest appearance on Joe Dante's "Trailers From Hell" website is for Alexander Mackendrick's classic Ealing comedy "The Ladykillers" starring Alec Guinness and Peter Sellers. Check out the website to hear all of Badham's commentaries!

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